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Money making businesses in africa

money making businesses in africa

Lately I see a lot of people asking me on WhatsApp about business ideas they can get into with little startup cost. The truth of the matter is that, ideas are everywhere and you just need to open your mind to grasp what is being given to you. They are more than this but for start, here are the 50 ideas. Blogging has come a long way in making money online in this generation. This is where your passion can make you money. If you love fashion, you can have a fashion news blog, have a how to do fashion blog and so on. And having a well-designed blog and managing it is easy. This is one of the coolest job especially among women in Nigeria. Although event planning might be stressful but if you comfortable with running up and down before, during and after an event, this line of business might just be what you need to start right away. I love this business especially when you have an event planner as a friend where you can both work with each. Catering services can render in different format like open a local restaurant with that tiny capital of yours. Many female Nigerians have ventured into this lately in production of snacks ranging from peanuts, plantain chips, puff-puff, egg roll .

2. Housing As Business Opportunity In Africa

Are there business ideas in Africa that investors and budding entrepreneurs can take advantage of? Africa is a growing continent that has great potential and natural resources. Because there are many business opportunities in Africa , most entrepreneurs are now venturing into the continent. They take this opportunity not only to gain money but also to improve the lives of the people in that region. To be a successful entrepreneur in Africa, you have to look beyond the resources the continent offers, the Gold, Diamond, Copper, Oil, Timber and many other resources. This will not only earn you money and make your business successful. It also helps to create value and touch the lives of the people in Africa. Before you start any business venture, you need to consider which country is best for business in Africa? In this article, we will look at the top 20 business opportunities that an entrepreneur can pursue and become successful in Africa ;. There are huge business opportunities for African youth graduates in the field of Agriculture and Agribusiness. Studies have shown that agribusiness plays an enormous role in economic development. It contributes to a more significant portion of GDP, foreign exchange earnings, as well as employment opportunities in many developing countries. This makes it a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to invest in Africa and especially in the field of agriculture. Africa imports most of her food yet most parts of the continent has favorable conditions for farming.

Invest in Africa, Start a business in Africa and Make Profits…

Farming in Africa is practiced on a small scale by poor farmers who have no access to modern farming methods and no capital to improve their agriculture. Investing in farming in Africa will not only earn you money but also create job opportunities for the locals as well as increase food production. Africa is experiencing a high rate of rural to urban migration.

money making businesses in africa

Smart Business Ideas in Africa

One of the ideas identified was the recycling of off-grid solar energy system batteries. Here are a selection of our top ideas so far. Sesame production is currently one of the hottest industries in Nigeria, according to Aubrey Hruby, an investment advisor and founder of the Africa Expert Network. Read the full post. The past couple of years have seen a number of African countries fall out of favour with investors, particularly commodity exporters — such as Nigeria, Angola and South Africa — which have suffered a slow-down in economic growth. This has subsequently led to a drop in company valuations. However, Thabo Ncalo, founding partner of investment firm Savvy Capital Partners, believes now is an apt time to again consider investment opportunities in select African companies. The types of retailers that are currently present in Nigeria are not offering a discount product to the public. We need value discount retailers to… look at the market opportunity in Nigeria. Small-scale off-grid solar energy is a booming new industry, especially in East Africa where companies such as M-Kopa, Mobisol and SolarNow have connected over , households in just a few years. It has been suggested that the industry could be as transformational for Africa as mobile phones. Dried egg yolk. Sodium sulphate.

2. Housing As Business Opportunity In Africa

Once you get one or two celebrities or big personalities and are successful, then you can be sure of attracting. You can run a catering businessif you are calm, focused, and most importantly know how to cook several continental and indigenous dishes. Thanks for your comment. However, you would need to ensure that companies know about your service by putting yourself out. Is there a note per country? My goal is to help start-up businesses reach their full potential. The price for money making businesses in africa is so high that most governments in the African countries are not able to construct enough affordable housing for their citizens. Starting businesses that make affordable furniture and interior design will grow into a successful business in Africa.

Top 10 African Businesses that will Make You a Millionaire

50 Best Small Business ideas & Opportunities in South Africa for 2020

Africa is a highly resourceful continent with a great return on investments if you can be able to strategize and tap into the huge market. With a population that is almost equal to 1 billion people, your market cannot be bigger. Africa is currently perceived as a new land of opportunity by the world.

1. Start Agribusiness In Africa

The current fight for access to Africa by the west and the Chinese buttress this fact. Creating tools and services for this community to provide investment advice and personal financial planners to intending investors and those willing to learn the African market. This opportunity could be packaged in the form of a confidential investment newsletter, market research agency, investment boutique, index fund, index tracker agency. The trend towards digital library is soon going to envelop the black continent. Africa will soon by-pass the area of huge physical libraries which require a lot of funding, logistics, and infrastructure and go directly to digital libraries where students and citizens could access millions of books and materials through mobile devices and tablets.


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